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Lena Rannestad Kloster appointed Chief Sustainability Officer

Group management is strengthened as Lena Rannestad Kloster takes on the responsibility of CSO effective 1 March.

In addition to her role as CSO in NorDan Gruppen, Rannestad Kloster will continue as Sustainability Manager in NorDan AS. She will become part of the group management and will play a key role in driving the group’s sustainability strategy and projects in close cooperation with all entities.

Sustainability has been an integral part of NorDan through decades and the company has worked broadly within all three dimensions of sustainability: Ecological, social and economic. NorDan and its subsidiaries have also received awards and attention for their work with sustainability.

Exciting and important

Over the past year, Rannestad Kloster has made a clear mark on the sustainability work at NorDan Norway. Based on the strategy "A sustainable everyday life", several initiatives and activities have been launched. Among other things, she is looking forward to using the experiences from this work together with the work done in other subsidiaries, to further strengthen the sustainability work in the NorDan Group.

“Getting to work with sustainability is both exciting and important, and it is an area where I also get to use my community involvement. There are several aspects of sustainability that make it an increasingly important part of business, and it ranges from the purely commercial to the more socially beneficial. We must continue to show that it is possible to be both competitive in the market while at the same time taking a clear environmental and social responsibility”, said Rannestad Kloster.

“NorDan has a long and proud tradition of innovation and new creation. We are a large group, and we must continue development and modernization in terms of the social sustainability aspect and show the ripple effects of what we stand for”, she said.

Sending a clear signal

NorDan Group CEO, Dag Kroslid, is pleased with getting Rannestad Kloster on board as CSO.

“NorDan is a large company with significant international operations and a clear sustainability profile both for the products we offer and as a company. This offers us a great advantage now that both our customers and the society as a whole have an increased focus on sustainability. There are also areas in which we can improve through joint initiatives and the exchange of knowledge. With an executive vice president for sustainability, we also send a clear signal that sustainability plays a role in all big and small decisions, and that it is inspiring to work with the UN's sustainability goals and Agenda 2030. I look forward to the collaboration with Lena Rannestad Kloster in her new role as CSO.”

“Our clear goal is to continue to be a leader in our industry in terms of sustainability. Our vision of «Perfekt Samspill» is also very much about understanding and succeeding in the interaction between ecological, social and economic sustainability. As well as improve a little bit every day”, Kroslid said.

Mar 01, 2023
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