Competence close to the market

Being close to the market has always been a guiding principle for NorDan. Tight relations with customers, organisations and authorities enables the companies in the NorDan Group to proactively go from inputs into specific product improvements, all with the purpose of better serving both smaller and larger projects. Out decentralised organisation ensures that the most important competence and experience is placed as close to the production and market as possible.

A system for sharing knowledge

Competence is not static and must be developed through time. The NorDan Group's robust system for knowledge sharing across factories, sales offices and entities ensures that the entire group benefit from a single member's insight. Transparency and Perfekt Samspill are driving forces placing the NorDan Group high up as knowledge-driven window and door manufacturer.

Competence centres of NorDan

There are currently seven competence centres in NorDan, each with their own area of responsibility. From the IT systems that power efficient order placement and logistics to common purchasing, environmental declarations and production systems. Knowledge hot spots across the group benefit the rest of the corporation and through these competence centres, market-leading insights are being gathered and shared.

Sharing and cooperation

The competence centres ensures continuous development of knowledge. It also ensures that time spent by each competence centre is to the benefit of the entire group and all markets. Highly skilled internal clusters with a significant focus on sharing and cooperation is a large contributor to achieving Perfekt Samspill.

NorDan Group Competence Centres

Purchasing and contracts

Hub for procurement, purchasing and contract-related activities.

NTech products

Development, testing and continuous innovation on the NorDan NTech product platform.

NorDan Business Systems

The NDBS competence centre is responsible for running and developing common NorDan business systems.

NorDan Production Systems

Responsible for amongst other things quality assurance systems, ISO certifications and production management.

Aluminium and uPVC

Development of both knowledge and products in aluminium and uPVC.

Kvillsfors products

Development, testing and continuous innovation on the NorDan Kvillsfors product platform.

Environmental declarations

Competence centre responsible for life cycle analysis and certifications of all NorDan products related to requirements and guidelines of different declaration standards.