Our ambitious goal of
perfection throughout
everything we do.

Perfekt Samspill has been the North Star of NorDan since 2001. «Perfekt» simply means perfect, but «samspill» has proven difficult to translate. In Norwegian, it can be used both for musical harmony, and in sports when playing on the same team. Regardless, the essence is the same: Perfekt Samspill is key to how all NorDan companies and employees should work together, and how we all will strive to build strong relations with our customers.

The goal of perfection

Perfekt Samspill is the sum of our values and two words in Norwegian every NorDan employee knows. Internally we aim for the perfect interaction between employees and manufacturing technology. Towards our customers, we work tirelessly to be the perfect partner. For our end customers, our goal is that our products will speak for themselves through perfected design and function and longevity. Interior living spaces and nature will be cared for as perfected as possible. We shall challenge our suppliers through perfect cooperation and stand out among our competitors as an example business to be followed.

NorDan Perfekt

Perfekt Samspill was introduced as part of NorDan's 75th anniversary in 2001 and is rooted in the launch of the NorDan Perfekt window in 1961. The innovative NorDan Perfekt was a tilt-and-turn inward opening window better known today as the NorDan NTech StormGuard/Three Handled Tilt-and-Turn. During development, the product was exposed to exhaustive testing and design iterations, each one with the goal of getting closer and closer towards perfection. It was an advanced window, with its patented design and unique construction very well suited for large-scale manufacturing.