Digital and environmental unity

The global construction industry is under rapid development. Increasing requirements for environmentally conscious products, processes and policies are best solved in conjunction with the opportunities offered through strategic digitalization. In the NorDan Group, this undertaking is gathered in the ecoDigital Ready programme. Numerous activities, products, services, manufacturing and processes are implemented to not only meet requirements from customers and partners, but also to be at the forefront and lead the way in an oftentimes tradition-bound industry.

The bigger picture

Digitalization is not a new concept for NorDan. Quite the opposite, several key areas have been continuously digitalized for many years. By gathering the digitalization of NorDan under the ecoDigital Ready umbrella, and combining it with the environmental approach the results will make a larger impact, with the whole becoming greater than the sum of its parts. Customers, products, suppliers and the society, in general, will gain from the activities in ecoDigital Ready. And that is how NorDan will lead the way towards a fully digitalized and far more environmentally conscious future.