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STM Vinduer: Never satisfied with just “good enough”

STM Vinduer is a family business with a focus on innovation, craftsmanship and uncompromising quality. It is no wonder then that the company was a perfect match with the rest of NorDan Gruppen.

From above, STM Vinduer's factory on the island of Langeland can be mistaken for any other medium- sized factory: An oblong building surrounded by farmland. But one thing in particular differentiates it from many other commercial premises, while at the same time giving an indication of why STM was such a good match for NorDan.

Family-owned for generations

In Moi, the founder’s home and the first factory are located right next door to each other. In Tanums­hede, there is hardly more than a hedge and a road separating the house where the first generation of owners lived and the factory which now houses the head office for NorDan’s operations in Sweden.

The closest neighbour to the factory in Rudkøping is Henning Eriksen’s house. After almost 50 years in the business, Eriksen sold 70 per cent of the shares in the company, which was established in 1942 under the name “Simmerbølle Tømrer- & Maskinsnedkeri”. Over the years, the company has seen both ups and downs, but with a strong focus on craftsmanship and high quality, STM’s products have been well received in the Danish market. Today, STM mainly produces wooden windows and doors in pine, mahogany and oak with aluminium covering.

Above average

Finn Methmann joined STM as CEO in 2012, and he is clear in his message that STM differs from their competitors through their focus on quality.

“We are known for our surface finish, which is above average in the Danish market. A common feature of our products, which is also our biggest challenge in a highly competitive market in Denmark, is that we never compromise on quality. This is in contrast to most of our competitors, who often work according to the motto that things need only be ‘good enough’,” he says.

Exciting future

With NorDan Gruppen as owner, STM is better equipped than ever to be able to make important changes to increase their competitiveness and market presence. In recent years, they have made large investments in both production and product development, and Methmann is looking forward to the future.

“Over the past three years, we have invested in a new paint plant, new window and door frame presses, clips machines and CNC milling cutters, and we have developed a whole new window system called ‘TINIUM FLEX’ which is launching this year,” he says.

Extremely positive

Methmann describes the reception of NorDan as a new owner as extremely positive, despite the fact that the announcement of the acquisition earlier this year brought out many emotions.

“Some employees thought it was a bit sad when the former owner Henning Eriksen announced that he had sold his shares to NorDan Gruppen. But when both Tore and Johannes Rasmussen presented themselves and stated their intentions with the acquisition, and ended with a ‘Perfekt Samspill’ exercise, the mood of everyone present went through the roof,” he says.

“It was an honest, sincere and very positive start to a new era for STM Vinduer. ‘Perfekt Samspill’ fits very well into our culture, with our internal values and the values that apply to society and to our partners,” says Methmann

Facts about STM Vinduer AS

  • Founded in 1942 by Alex Eriksen as “Simmerbølle Tømrer & Maskinsnedkeri”
  • Approx. 150 employees in sales, production and administration at the factory in Langeland
  • Langeland is a 52-km-long and 11-km-wide island, about a two-hour drive from Copenhagen and Aarhus, and 45 minutes from Odense. The island has a population of around 12,000
  • Has a 16,000 m2 manufacturing facility located just outside Rudkøbing, Langeland’s largest town

Apr 22, 2020
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