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Preparedness and transparency helped NorDan through the cyber-attack

The negative impact for the customers was minimal. For the staff, it ended with just over a week with unreliable IT systems. But the cyber-attack on the NorDan Group in January could have had far larger consequences were it not for solid preparedness.

The cyber-attack on NorDan was initially discovered the night before 12 January. Immediately after detection several actions were taken to identify and neutralise the threat before the attackers had the opportunity to further penetrate and gain access to production critical systems.

A true eye-opener

In an interview with the Norwegian Timber Manufacturing Organisation, managing director for NorDan AS, Trond Magnar Unhammer explains that even the best of preparations are put to the test when a cyber-attack occurs.

"Looking back, we can breathe a sigh of relief as we avoided a massive impact. We were quite prepared for a potential cyber-attack, but we are still intimidated by how all-encompassing it turned out to be. It was a true eye-opener to us, and we have pushed implementation of further security measures originally meant for completion later in 2022”, Unhammer said. NorDan AS in Norway is responsible for cyber security across the NorDan Group.

Prioritized issue

With revenue exceeding NOK 4bn in 2021, 12 factories, 30 sales teams and more than 2200 employees there is no doubt that an attack on the IT systems can bring significant consequences. In the interview Unhammer comments further:

"Compared to many other smaller companies our size makes the potential consequences of an attack even larger. At the same time, it means that we have the necessary resources to escalate the issue and act on it. We had already defined IT security as one of the two most significant threats to NorDan and based on that we have put in our best effort to do the necessary analysis and prioritisations”, Unhammer said.

Important to be transparent

The cyber-attack on NorDan was swiftly taken care of, and thanks to «Perfekt Samspill» between the crisis management, partners, and internal resources the negative outcome was minimal. At the same time, Unhammer is clear on the importance of being open about the risks associated with cyber-attacks.

“Transparency is key. A lot of this is about increased awareness and strengthening corporate culture related to cyber security. NorDan chose to play with open cards when we were under attack and we hope this can contribute to raised awareness”, Unhammer said.

Feb 07, 2022
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