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NorDan partners with Save the Children

The NorDan Group will become main partner for Save the Children Norway. Together we will work to provide children with an education, protection and hope for the future.

At first glance, it may seem a huge step from making windows and doors to providing a good education for children around the world. In Save the Children Norway, NorDan has found a partner that understands the value of a decent education, a secure environment and a brighter future.

International cooperation

As the main partner of Save the Children Norway, NorDan will contribute to development projects all over the world. Save the Children Norway is also well represented in countries where companies with the NorDan Group are situated, which will enable an even stronger collaboration on good projects that will benefit children. The extensive cooperation between NorDan Sweden and Save the Children Sweden will continue as before.

Education is key

For Save the Children Norway, ensuring a good education for children is key to greater security and consistency in daily life. This is true for children around the globe, but perhaps especially in countries impacted by ongoing conflicts and areas affected by extreme poverty. Through its "Safe Back to School" programme, Save the Children Norway is working on long-term measures to develop a stable school programme, with a safe environment, knowledgeable teachers and other essential factors, ensuring that children receive a basic education.

An important partnership

Marketing Director of the NorDan Group, Johannes Rasmussen, believes it is time to take more responsibility, and Save the Children's focus on education is consistent with NorDan's traditions.

– Long before the pandemic, there were many obstacles to securing education for children in need, and after the outbreak, it has become even more difficult. NorDan has weathered the crisis well, and the least we can do is to allow vulnerable children to share in our good fortune he said. He looks forward to a long and close partnership between the companies of the NorDan Group and Save the Children Norway.

– Save the Children is a natural partner for NorDan, as their operations, values and goals that align with ours. We have always felt that being part of a local community requires an involvement in that community. However, given the challenges that children face in the world today, it is time to contribute on a larger scale. If we can help to make daily life a little better for just one child, it is worth the commitment, he added.

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Apr 09, 2021
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