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NorDan Invests in Ireland

Effective 1 February 2020, The NorDan Group have acquired 100% of the shares in the Irish subsidiary NorDan Vinduer Ltd.

NorDan Vinduer Ltd. have been part of the Irish construction landscape since the early 2000’s through the agency of Carroll Joinery. Availing of common sales systems, certification and technical expertise NorDan Vinduer Ltd. has benefited from the support of the NorDan Group infrastructure during this time. NorDan Vinduer has its head office in Dublin and currently employs about 60 highly skilled employees.

NorDan Gruppen CEO, Tore Rasmussen, said the following on the acquisition:

We are proud to announce that the organisation in Ireland is now 100% part of NorDan and we look forward to continuing to strengthen our position in the Irish construction market. We strongly believe that joining forces will be very positive for our Irish customers and we heartily welcome our colleagues in NorDan Vinduer Ltd. to NorDan Gruppen.
Since the financial crisis and following the collapse in 2008, the Irish economy has recovered and Ireland is now generating some of the highest economic growth in Europe. We have a clear ambition for NorDan Vinduer Ltd. to further strengthen its market leadership in Ireland.

NorDan Vinduer Ltd. Managing Director, Sean Luskin, said the following:

We are now part of the bigger NorDan family but having said that we never felt any differently before the acquisition. Being officially part of the group however means that we now have more resources available to us to grow and to develop to our full potential. As with all markets we have strong competition but the NorDan product is particularly well suited to the Irish environment and we are committed to further raising the bar for the industry in terms of product offering, quality & customer service.
”We have always enjoyed close collaboration with our sister companies and proximity to NorDan UK in particular offers potent synergies in a very demanding market. NorDan Vinduer Ltd have been involved in large and complex projects across Ireland and we have the technical skill base that has given confidence to our customers that we can deliver”.

NorDan Gruppen CMO, Johannes Rasmussen, said the following on the acquisition:

NorDan products are fully tested, demonstrated through the installation of millions of doors and windows throughout several decades in nature’s very own ‘weather testing chamber’. The extreme conditions along the Norwegian coastline have established NorDan as the preferred supplier to all areas with harsh weather in Northern Europe. Ireland is no exception and represents a perfect match in terms of products, culture and unique cooperation. We look forward to strengthening this further in the years to come.

Feb 17, 2020
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