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New Acquisition Strengthens the Aluminium Offering in Norway

The Norwegian façade builder and aluminium solutions provider AS Rubicon is the most recent member of the NorDan Group. The acquisition will further strengthen the commitment to high quality aluminium solutions in the Norwegian market.

AS Rubicon with its 55 employees will be a great addition to NorDan’s continued investment in windows, doors and façades in aluminium. By acquiring 70% of the shares, the Norwegian entity NorDan AS will become majority shareholder in the company which after the transaction is completed will be renamed NorDan Rubicon.

Improving the total offering

Managing Director in NorDan AS, Trond Magnar Unhammer is pleased to welcome AS Rubicon onboard in an acquisition that significantly will improve the «Hel Aluminium» product range and offering.

«When launching our «Hel Aluminium» product range some years ago we aimed to combine our deep insights into complete window and doors solutions combined with the possibilities aluminium can provide. In all modesty, this has been a success for windows and doors but we haven’t previously been able to offer façade solutions, on-site installation of products etc.» said Unhammer.

Separate strengths

The acquisition is in part an answer to customers’ increased demand for a single point of contact for all window and door solutions in a project. It will however still focus on developing each company’s separate strengths.

«NorDan is a manufacturer and product supplier, while Rubicon will continue to be a manufacturer and façade provider. We each have our own strengths, but together we can become even better» said Unhammer. He is seconded by Managing Director Lars Mellerud at AS Rubicon.

«We strongly believe that working together with NorDan will be positive for both companies. NorDan’s nation-wide sales organisation will be a great added strength to us, while we can spearhead the more complex project markets for NorDan. NorDan Rubicon will be the future company supplying and installing ready-made glass and aluminium solutions» said Mellerud.

The final transaction is dependent on approval by the Norwegian Competition Authority.

Oct 27, 2020
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