From Venta Windows to NorDan in Lithuania

A new name can change everything or nothing at all. To Venta Windows it marks a significant increase in Perfekt Samspill and aluminium focus.

Ever since the founding back in 2006, the NorDan Group’s Lithuanian subsidiary has been known as Venta Windows UAB, where windows and doors in uPVC and aluminium have been produced under the same brand.

Practical and recognizable

Effective 1 January 2020 the company officially changed its name to NorDan UAB. Managing Director Giedrius Žilėnas welcomes the transition.

“From a practical point of view, the name change makes it a lot easier for us to communicate who we are and the values we represent. We also get recognised more easily, due to the high general knowledge of the NorDan brand,” said Žilėnas.

NorDan UAB currently supplies uPVC and aluminium window and door solutions to the Norwegian and Swedish markets. Thanks to the positive numbers so far this year, even new markets are being considered.

"Despite the challenges related to the Corona virus we have seen very positive results in 2020. This is something we want to build upon, and we are looking into the opportunities of introducing our products to the other NorDan key markets such as United Kingdom, Ireland and Denmark," said Žilėnas.

Symbolic effect

Žilėnas sees the name change and the new goals bringing renewed motivation across the organisation going forward.

“The change also holds a symbolic effect. With a history going back to 2006, this marks an important milestone which will become even more significant due to the momentum that our aluminium products have gained. It’s more or less a fresh start for the entire company,” Žilėnas said.

Even though the company changes name, Venta Windows will continue to be promoted as a premium uPVC brand in the Norwegian market.

May 11, 2020
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